Once, many consumers think that since the doors and windows accessories brand enterprises, the quality should be guaranteed, the price is lower than similar products, why not to choose them?Later, some enterprises in order to provide “cheap” products,they authorized many small companies to OEM.These companies have neither efficient scale of production, nor low-cost technology and management.These small companies are likely to use low-quality raw materials in order to get the profit margins for survival. To reduce production costs, they implement low-cost low-quality operating mode.This product is “cheap” but it is not “fine”, such product is difficult to stand and be accepted and recognized in the middling and high level market.

China is in the process of large-scale urbanization and new rural construction,so the space of the demand for building doors and windows accessories is still large.As the doors and windows accessories industry has not yet formed a mature technical innovation of the real norms and fair competition in the market.It is difficult to achieve “cheap and fine”, which also gives a lot space for small and medium enterprises to survive,and occupies the majority of the middling and high level market–the product “cheap”.

Prices and quality of products have a certain dependency in the minds of consumers.If you can enhance efficiency by the continuous innovation and progress of technology, or mass, standard quality control of large-scale production,or the introduction of advanced concepts and improve the internal management of enterprises, thereby reducing production and operating costs.This kind of price reduction is undoubtedly one of the advantages for enterprises to participate in market competition.On the contrary, it may result in counterproductive effect.

Door and window accessories: How to choose between cheap and fine?

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